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Steel Storage Lockers

When space is tight the storage locker is your ideal storage solution in the garden, by the side of your house even in the garage. With these stylish storage lockers, you can store your garden equipment,furniture, childrens toys and bycycles,protecting them from the weather and even theft. Metal storage lockers are available in three standard sizes:

Small* : Depth 850 mm x Width 1000 mm. With a single hinged door 700 mm wide.

Medium* : Depth 850 mm x Width 2200 mm. With a choice of double hinged doors 1400 mm wide, or a single sliding door 900 mm wide. (Sliding door can be from left to right or right to left)

Large* : Depth 850 mm x Width 3200 mm. With a choice of double hinged doors or double sliding doors 1400 mm wide.Or a single sliding door 900mm wide. (single sliding doors can be from left to right,right to left or placed in the centre)

*Standard wall height is 1800mm.


Strong maintenance free storage solutions for your home & garden.
* Top Quality: Built to last, made from structural grade galvanised steel.
* Maintanance Free: No need to paint, just sprinkel with a garden hose to clean.
* High Quality Materials: Hot dipped galvanised, pvc coated steel (dobel swedish steel).
* 3 Point Locking System: All doors are fitter with 3point locking system for greated security.
* Extremely Strong: Built to withstand snow loads up to 150kg/psm & wind rated to 150km/ph.
* Walls & Roof Sheeting: QSS: 0.5mm / Competitors: 0.25mm
* Frames: QSS Frames: 1.2mm (z390) / Competitors' Frames: 0.6mm


Quality Steel Sheds are the only company in Ireland & the UK that can provide super strong structures without any welded components.
* 25 Year guarantee: They look great year after year and are backed by our 25 year guarantee.
* Easy To Errect: Pre Assembled panels for quick & easy construction.Detailed concstuction dvd provided.
* Delivery: We deliver our sheds in wooden crates,ensuring their is no damaged or missing parts.

The list above is by no means exclusive, so if you require a metal or steel structure for a purpose that is not mentioned above, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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